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iPhone VS Treo Cellphone Battle

Tuesday 2nd of September 2008 07:53:52 PM By: Chris Robertson

I have a Treo smart phone,

Yea I looked around as a cautious buyer because you know you always get locked into some cell phone plan.

When the iPhone first came out I really wanted one, but this is why I didn't get an iPhone.

Kind of makes me sad to think about it ha!!! not really... Anyways, tethering yes. You use your phone for a phone, camera, music player, movie player, touch screen why not use it to connect your computer to the internet via bluetooth or a cable?

Well to my surprise Apple iPhone does not allow customers to do this, bad move.


I really like the iPhone, I like Apple products.

My work requires me to get online in case of emergency, this is how most tech jobs go. Great way to loose the tech market. So I got a Treo because there is a application community for it and you can tether and play music and movies and use it as a camera and it even has touchscreen.

What I found out is that the Treo OS is much out dated and crashes often.

I do have some great little applications for it though, Diddlebug, a drawing program, Chess, Lemmings, Opera, TCPMP a movie and music player, etc.

I will get getting an IPhone when it comes out 3G regardless because I am going to start building applications for it and it has the best (hands down) web browser and software with a UNIX core. Surprisingly you still can't tether the new iPhone.

Im really starting to enjoy my Treo 700p, it's really cool hardware (touch screen, complete real keyboard, good camera good video quality) and the software is very functional. The new iPhone came out and there are things missing that my Treo can do like record video and send photos in text messages and of course the iPhone can do many things with software that the Treo cannot and there are many applications available for it and the iPhone is pretty too if you into that sort of thing. =)

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