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Midi Controller Hell

Sunday 12th of April 2009 12:09:38 AM

Korg Nano Controllers

Ever sense the invention of the personal or portable computer there has always been a battle in the music producing and performing area and every year it seems like hardware is put the the test against using a computer to produce electronic music. The main problem with computers and interfaces is it's limited and many times not intuitive, this is when midi controllers are invented. Midi controllers help musicians play a controller that can modify the sounds on computer software.

This is why I am reviewing some of the smallest midi controllers on the market right now. I just got my hands on these Korg controllers about a month ago and I have been really enjoying every usage. I am usually unhappy with the latency and trouble with midi. These controllers have been a great exception. I enjoying using the Korg Nano Kontrol the most because it features some amazing possibilities in for it's size. There are other two mini nanos but I want to focus on the Kontrol because I believe it gives the most value.

So lets get to the tech specs:


The controller offers nine faders, nine knobs, 18 switches and a full transport section. For each of the four programmable scenes the nanoKONTROL offers, you can set the controllers any way you need them. That means that you can transmit a total of 168 different MIDI CC (Control Change) messages, as well as MIDI notes with the switches.

Not bad and to mention it only goes for about 50 - 60 bucks. So I guess midi controller hell may not come too soon and yes its super portable and sexy!