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Music and Programming

Sometimes I find that the best kind of music to work to is music without vocals or music that is very relaxing and mellow.

For programming its a requirement to keep all the things in your head and to avoid distractions. Its also great for writing and long winters.

How is music so distracting yet can be the only thing that will help you keep concentration like this.

Thru The Wires

In Arizona for music we have a thing called Thru The Wires which is the electronic shows or major group of electronic musicians.

It's somewhat like a collective but a more centralized one mostly run by Drex Rekker. He has set up some awesome shows in Arizona.

8 Bit music and Circut Bending!

I just re familiarized myself with 8bit electronic music. It is music made with old Game boys, speak and spells and stuff.

Here is a really amazing store Casper Electronics. I just never realized that you could just go out and buy this stuff.

I read some articles about people modifying old electronic devices though. I want to use this music category to share creative music out there. I guess one of my favorite two 8 bit artist out there right now is Unicorn Dream Attack and Henry Homesweet and there is even something called an 8 Bit Collective.

I think the most advanced program for producing music on gameboys is LSDJ. I have used many other programs but it seems the most advanced and you can make any gameboy sound available, its truly an amazing beast of a cart.