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Movie Review for 300

This is a review for the movie 300 by Frank Miller. I saw the movie and was quite interested in the comic book background and the visual effects for the movie (me being an artist and comic book nerd). The movie was created by graphic novelist Frank Miller based on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC. Frank Miller also created Sin City.

Many things interested me about this movie; the history behind Sparta, the Olympics and Greek history in general. The movie was history wrapped up with a comic book style. The visual effects where amazing.

Sparta was an ancient southern military state in Greek civilization that was the protector of Greece. they used the Phalanx in the movie for all their fighting. The Phalanx is a rectangular formation of solders all protecting each other with spears, helmets and shields covering the whole body, creating a wall of armor.

The movie doesn't explain any of the history behind the Phalanx or much about Sparta in general. The movie doesn't even really get into character development or that only 300 men where used because the other warriors where participating in the Olympics. The movie focuses more on the Sparta general and the fighting that takes place between the 300 warriors. The only drawback to this movie is when you are done your not left any more educated about Sparta. The movie is pure entertainment.

Although I was disappointed storyline was lacking some historic details the visual effects are amazing and give off the comic book imagery that attracted me to the movie in the first place. I enjoyed the movie

Many other people in the world found the movie offensive and inaccurate and even denounced the film because of the inaccuracy with history and the interpretation of the two "good" and "evil" sides. Why is this movie so popular now? If you look into history the Spartans where not as free and Democratic as in the move and the Persians where not barbaric and demonic either. Do you need a good and evil for a blockbuster movie?

Overall this movie is entertaining and the visual effects are very cool. As doesn't look any more into this movie because it is only bloody comic book entertainment. For the very interesting history behind the movie look into the following links and I recommend you also pick up a history book for a quick lesson. Overall I give the movie 4 stars.